Sterling McCall Ford - Awful service department

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DO NOT GO HERE! They had my vehicle for 3 weeks and didn't fix anything...instead they made my vehicle worse!

Now my check engine light comes on when it didn't before. My car turns off when driving and the air conditioner goes in and out, when it did not do this before I brought it there. I told them this and there response was..."hmmm" and "weird". They didn't even give me a full refund for what I paid.

They charged me for a new battery when I told them I did not need a new battery as it was not even a year old. They don't respond to your calls or your concerns.

The technicians are clueless and all they want to do is plug it in to see what's wrong no matter what you say the issue is. Worst service department in 6 cities that I have lived in.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sterling McCall Ford - They tried to perform services not needed.


Took my suv into Sterling McCall ford for a recall update. They performed the courtesy inspection.

I was told that my radiator needed flushed, brake fluid was contaminated and my front brakes were bad and needed replaced along with the rotors needed turned. The funny thing is that I had all those things done just 2 months ago. Mmmm, what is up with that? Then after having the vehicle over night, I get a call saying my battery was dead and needed to be replaced.

That battery is just over a year old and I never had any issues with it.

The place is a scam, I'm sure they sucker a lot of people, but they will never get my business again.

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Sterling McCall Ford- Don't go here.

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Joseph Rosado, a current manager at Sterling McCall Ford, clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word CUSTOMER. He barely lets you talk, he puts you down, he treats you like a child, then complains you speak over him.

He is extremely unprofessional. He doesn't realize you are the customer, and he is paid to give you a service. Don't understand how he can be a manager with that mentality. Let's see what upper management does about it, but from all the negative reviews in GOOGLE I'm sure not much.

If you want to save yourself from a bad experience DON'T GO THERE!! They are located in 6445 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074.

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